Smoke Detectors

DPG Fire service is one of the best Manufacturers and Suppliers in Gurgaon in terms of Fire safety services. Smoke Detectors are among the important components of Fire Safety. Nowadays, the use of Smoking detectors are increasing day by day in the market which is more  advanced than before. Most of the firms are using highly sensitive smoke detectors for their safety. The newly generated detectors are made with modern technologies which offers  warning detection in advance in case of fire and are used according to the activate fire protection. The modern detection systems are worked by designing in air from all rooms by using small and flexible tubes. The air is  analysed by the detection for identifying the occurence of minute smoke particles in a continuous procedure. They can  easily detect smoke in advance, before it is visible to the others. Smoke detection systems are highly used and considered in challenging situations like the places of high airflow, in which condensation is provided and are detected in advance in such locations, where it must be required for the safety, like communications and computer rooms.


What is Smoke Detectors?

Smoke detector is a type of device that relates to smoke, works as an indicator of fire. These Detectors used two sensing methods. Sensitive alarms are used for detecting, and detering. In large commercial and Industrial buildings smoke detectors are usually connected to the central fire alarm system. The  detectors have two ionization chambers, one chamber is open to the air and another chamber which is closed, and not allowing the entry of particles. There is a voltage difference between pairs of electrodes in both the chambers. The currents in both chambers must be the same because they are equally affected by the air pressure or temperature. 

If any smoke particles entered from first chamber which is opened chamber, than ions will attached to the particles and are not available for carrying the current in the chamber. There is an electronic circuit that detects a current difference has developed among the open and closed chambers, and sounds for the alarm. The circuitry also monitors the battery which is used for supplying. A user operated test button simulated an imbalance among  both chambers.

What are Commercial Smoke Detectors? 

Commercial detectors are those detectors which gives a signal to a fire alarm for controlling the panel as a part of a fire alarm system. Commercial smoke detectors are  conventional or addressable, which are connected to security  fire alarm systems which is controlled by fire alarm control panels. These detectors are mostly used in commercial and industrial companies.  

What are Household Smoke Detectors? 

Household detectors, or smoke alarms, are generally issued for an audible or visual alarm from the detector.

What are Domestic Smoke Detectors? 

Domestic detectors,are those detectors which ranges from single battery powered units to several powered units with battery backup. By using, powered units if any of detectors detect smoke, it will triggered all of the alarms, even if household power has gone out. 

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