Fire Sprinkler System

DPG Fire service is one of the best Manufacturers and Suppliers in Gurgaon of  Fire Sprinkler. Fire sprinkler system is a type of fire protection product, which is used for active fire protection. It consists water supply system and provides adequate flowrate to a water distribution piping system, by which fire sprinklers are joined. In earlier days, it used by large factories and  commercial buildings. Fire sprinklers used for homes and startup buildings, are now available at a cost affordable price.

Fire sprinkler systems are used by worldwide in huge quantities. Around 40 million sprinkler heads fitted every year. Nowadays, due to sprinklers buildings are completely protected. Daily 96% of fires are controlled by using fire sprinklers.

Uses of Fire Sprinkler System
  1. Fire Sprinklers have been used by the United States since the year, 1874. 
  2. They were also used in factory applications where fires at the turn of the century were hazard for both human and property losses.
  3. In the US, all new high rise and underground buildings, used sprinklers, generally of length 75 feet and 23 m above or below the fire department.
  4. Fire Sprinkler systems are intended for controlling the fire or for suppressing the fire.
Control Mode 

Control mode sprinklers are intended for controlling the heat release rate of the fire for preventing building structure collapse . The fire is not extinguished until the burning combustibles are exhausted is affected by firefighters. 

Suppression Mode 

Suppression mode sprinklers or Early Suppression Fast Response sprinklers are  intended for resulting in reduction of the heat release rate of the fire which is followed  by complete extinguishment. 

Residential Sprinkler Systems
  • Nowadays, Fire Sprinkler systems used in residential structures are becoming more common. As the cost of such systems becomes more affordable and the benefits of them become more obvious to use.
  • Residential sprinkler systems are, usually used under a residential classification separate.
  • In residential structures sprinklers are oftenly omitted from bathrooms, balconies ans garages ,as  fire in these areas are not usually impact the occupant’s escape. 
Commercial Sprinkler Systems

A commercial sprinkler system is designed for the protection of structure and the occupants from a fire. Commercial sprinkler system, will oftenly used for protecting the structure from major fire damage, this is also known as secondary consideration.

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