Fire Extinguisher Refilling

DPG Fire service is one of the best Manufacturers and Suppliers in Gurgaon of  Fire Extinguisher Refilling.The Extinguisher Refilling is the type of practices which is taken for reducing the destruction caused by fire. One of the most common way which helps you in protection of your home or business from incipient stage fires is for ensuring your fire extinguishers are properly charged and maintained time to time, when it needed. 

What is the process of Fire Extinguisher Refilling? 

The extinguisher refilling  procedure of fire should be performed by a professional workers. Professional Fire  companies have all the fire extinguisher tools, professional trainers and proper knowledge for ensuring that  fire extinguishers are in working condition and can be properly refilled by the good quality extinguishing agent.

Forms of Fire Extinguisher Refilling

A Fire Extinguisher needs Refilling on two forms: 

  • If you use a fire extinguisher regularly or even partially, it is useless in case of a fire Scenario, as it is important for getting the fire extinguisher recharged timely, without any delay. 
  • The statutory framework in the country makes it compulsory for the shells of the fire extinguisher to undergo Hydrostatic Pressure Test every two or three years.
Fire Extinguisher Refilling Process in Simple Steps. 

Every Fire Extinguisher which goes for a refilling undergoes the following process. 

Step 1- The Fire extinguisher is  dismantled completely, and the cylinder is distressed.

Step 2- Then the siphon tube is removed and the valve stem and spring is also removed.

Step 3- The technician then cleans the valve, changes the valve neck or ring.

Step 4- After cleaning, the valve is replaced with a new valve stem which is installed for ensuring the proper seating and avoiding future pressure loss.

Step 5- The agent of the Extinguisher is refilled by weight of the appropriate amount for the size of the unit and for specified in the recharging instructions. 

The extinguisher refilling process is often carried out by unskilled and untrained people in a highly compromised environment. In most cases, the refilling process by the local trainers means only repressurising the cylinder. They changed no component of the fire extinguisher. The untrained and unskilled workers only changed broken functional parts with local spares of Fire Extinguisher. 

In most cases, the extinguishing agent is recycled. The top of the extinguisher is done many times with the local or substandard and ABC powder. Nowadays, rampant use of marble dust is being added as an extinguishing agent by local and unskilled trainers, which are being reported. 


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