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DPG Fire service is one of the best Manufacturers and Suppliers in Gurgaon of  Fire Safety Products. Fire safety is the type of practices which is taken for reducing the destruction caused by fire. Fire safety products contain those practices which are intended  for preventing ignition of an uncontrolled fire. They also used practices, which are used for reducing the development and effects of the fire when it starts.Some fire safety measures are planned during the construction of a building or implemented in those structures which are already standing. Fire safety Threats are commonly called fire hazards. A fire hazard is a type of situation, which increases the likelihood of a fire or can impede escape in the event when fire occurs.

Some of Fire Safety Products are:-

Fire Extinguishers, Smoke Detectors, Fire Extinguisher Cylinders, Fire Suit, Fire Sprinklers, Fire Hydrants, Fire Retardant Coverall and Fire Extinguisher Spare Parts.

Structure of Fire Safety Plan
  • Key contact information.
  • Utility services like shut off valves for water, gas and electric.
  • Access issues.
  • Dangerous stored materials.
  • Location of people with special needs.
  • Connections to sprinkler system Layout.
  • Maintenance schedules for life safety systems.
  • Personnel training and fire drill procedure.
  • Create assemble safe zone.
Definition of Fire safety Plan

Fire safety plan is planned by all North American national or state and provincial fire codes. The fire safety plan is made according the building use or occupancy types. Before making the plan it is must that the, owner of the building should be responsible for the fire safety plan.

Let’s see some of the common Fire Hazards:-

  1. Kitchen fires from unattended cooking.
  2. Electrical systems due to overload or defective.
  3. Combustible storage areas with limited protection.
  4. Combustibles are placed near the equipment that generates heat and flame.
  5. Candles and Smoking Cigarettes or lighters.
  6. Equipment which generates heat and utilizes combustible materials.
  7. Flammable liquids
  8. Fireplace chimneys not properly maintained or cleaned.
  9. Cooking appliances like stoves or ovens.
  10. Heating appliances like fireplaces, wood burning stoves, electric cattles, boilers and heaters.
  11. Household appliances like clothes irons, curling and Straightening machines, hair dryers and refrigerators.
  12. Electrical wiring in risky area.
  13. Leaking or defective batteries.
  14. Personal ignition like matchboxes and lighters.
  15. Exterior cooking equipment like barbecue.

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