DPG Fire service is one of the best Manufacturers and Suppliers in Gurgaon in terms of Fire safety services. Nozzle Hoses are necessary components for your safety, no matter your business is large or a small, fire may be induced anywhere without providing any warning. DPG Fire Services is among the top leading organizations in the sector of supplying and manufacturing of Industrial Nozzles. We also designed other fire safety tools like fire sprinkler Systems, fire fittings, fire extinguisher, fire alarm systems and all types of Hydraulic valves or Manifolds.We have developed cooperation among all over the world as our all engineers are highly experienced and talented in their fields. For many of the office buildings, the standardized nozzle hoses are  much adequate for the purpose of protection in the presence of a fire. Still most of the businesses don’t involved the use of chemicals for smothering and suffocating the fire. Nozzles are the best items in the case of fire and is generally affordable and less expensive.

Types of Nozzles

A nozzle Hoses is a device which is used for controlling the direction or having features of a fluid flow  as the flow is enter through an enclosed chamber or pipe. A nozzle is oftenly a pipe or tube,used for various cross sectional areas and  can be used for directing or modifying  the flow of a fluid. Nozzles are probably used for controlling the rate of flow, speed or direction and mass or shape. In a nozzle hoses, the fluid velocity increases for the expense of its pressure energy.

There are many nozzles which are used for producing a fine spray of liquids.

  1. Tuyeres- The Nozzles which are used for feeding the hot blast forge are known as tuyeres.
  2. Atomizer nozzles- Atomizer nozzles are used for spray painting and perfumes for internal combustion engines. It is used as sprays for deodorants and many other similar uses.
  3. Air-Aspirating Nozzle-Air-Aspirating Nozzles are used for an opening in the cone shaped nozzle for injecting air into a stream of water based foam.
  4. Swirl Nozzles- Swirl nozzles is a device which is used for injecting the liquid  and spillage into the center which is existing through the central hole.
  5. Shaping- There are nozzles which are shaped for producing a stream which is of a unique shape.  Example- Extrusion molding is a way for producing lengths of metals or plastics or with a particular cross section. This nozzle is typically introduced to as a die.
  6. Vacuum- Vacuum cleaner nozzles are introduced in various different shapes. Vacuum Nozzles are generally used for vacuum cleaners.
  7. Magnetic- Magnetic nozzles are also used for proposing some types of propulsion like VASIMR. VASIMR is used for the flow of plasma which is directed by magnetic fields instead of solid matter.
  8. Jet nozzles- Jet nozzles are used for large rooms where the distribution of air ceiling diffusers is not practical.Diffusers  using jet nozzles are also known as jet diffuser.

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