Fire Hose Cabinet

DPG Fire service is one of the best Manufacturers and Suppliers in Gurgaon in terms of Fire safety services. Fire Hose Cabinet are necessary components for your safety, in case of Fire, no matter your business is large or  small, fire may be induced anywhere without providing any warning. We DPG services are  actively involved in providing to the diversified expectation of the customers. We served diverse industrial items for the safety of fire, the range is a perfect mixture of best fire safety services and advanced technologies. We Offered varied specifications in the field of fire safety. Still many small and large, both firms are not involved the use of chemicals for getting safety from fire. We surely recommend those firms to use fire hose cabinets in their buildings, as it  is generally affordable and less expensive to use. Our designed Cabinets are made with full of modern technologies and highly durable materials.The offered cabinets by us are highly used for security and protection varied safety guards. Specifically we developed many cabinets as the safety storage from fire.

What is Fire Hose Cabinet?

A fire hose is one of the high pressurized hose which carries water or foam  to a fire for extinguishing it. In Outdoors, it is attached to a fire engine or a fire hydra system.In Indoors, it is permanently attached to a building’s standpipe or plumbing system. After using the fire hose, it is usually hung for drying, as  standing water which is contained by the hose for a long time can be deteriorate the material and rendered it  unusable. The typical fire station which has oftenly a high structure for accommodating the length of a hose for preventive maintenance, it is called a hose tower.

Modern Fire Hoses

  1. Modern fire hoses use a number of natural and synthetic fabrics. 
  2. Modern fire hose elastomers fabrics in their construction.
  3. These fabrics allows the hoses for storing wet without rotting and for resisting the damage effects of exposure to sunrays and chemicals.
  4. Modern hoses are lighter in weight than the older hoses.
  5. Modern Hoses has reduced the physical strain on firefighters.
  6. Different devices are becoming more prevalent for removing air from the interior of fire hose.
  7. The interior of fire hose is referred  as fire hose vacuums. 
  8. Fire hose vaccums makes hoses smaller in size and more rigid. 
  9. Fire hose vaccums allows more hose for packing into the same compartment. 

History of Fire hoses

  • During the mid-19th century, most fires were shut by using water transported from the buckets.
  • Hand pumps discharged their water through a small pipe which is attached to the top of the pump tub.
  • During the year of late 1860s hoses became hugely available for conveying water more easily from the hand pumps. 
  • In 1890, unlined fire hoses are made by using circular woven linen yarns for replacing leather hoses. 
  • Yarn hoses were certainly much lighter than leather hoses. 
  • In yarn hoses, fibers are made of flax and become wet. 
  • But Yarn hoses, were not much durable and were rapidly replaced with rubber hoses. 

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