Fire Hydrants Systems

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Fire Hydrants systems are installed in small and large spaces to provide active protection against any type of fire. This also acts as a major source of municipal supply of water which is offered to firefighters for extinguishing any type of fire quickly in urban-rural or suburban regions. These are located along with numerous points on the network of water mains. With the help of a hydrant standpipe, the water can be passed from the main to the feed of the firefighter’s hose to take out fires.

These are also known by many other names such as “Johnny Pump” or “fireplug” depending on your region. Generally, two different kinds of hydrants can be available for the firefighters, the dry barrel and the wet barrel. The wet barrel hydrant contains a constant water supply, while a valve is needed to be released to let the water flow. The main advantage of dry barrel fire hydrant systems is that they can avoid different situations where the water supply gets frozen in cold weather. Many wet barrel hydrants are made up of bronze instead of iron, or these may be provided with a rust resistive coating.

Fire Hydrants Systems

Due to the fire hydrant barrel, it is provided with a “standpipe name”. Some hydrants may be rounded while others may be angularly shaped. Outlets of hydrants are generally made up of bronze to ward off corrosion in the vital part connecting to firefighter hoses. However, caps may be made up of other kinds of metals.

Hydrant standpipes can generally be put on to work with both ball valves or key and bar. Fire Hydrants systems manufacturers make these available in swivel or fixed heads and would be fitted with single or double-head options for discharge combination. While the general purpose of hydrant standpipes is to provide water supply for fire and other situations of emergency. the regional water utility can make you eligible for approved uses.

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